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M.E.: A Major Health Crisis

Wed 24 May 7.30

Presentation by Linda Tannenbaum

CEO Open Medicine Foundation in California
Enabling the latest international research into M.E./CFS

Onchan Main Road Methodist Church

Public Meeting open to all:

M.E. sufferers, families, friends, carers, health professionals etc.

ME Support (IOM) hold monthly meetings throughout the Island. If you would like a friendly chat with others who know what you’re going through, or if you prefer a telephone conversation, please get in touch.


Joan says what living with ME is really like

More now on what it’s like to live with ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, as it’s also known.

On Mandate At One yesterday, we heard from Joan, an Island resident who has lived with the condition for the last 13 years or so.

She explained the difficulties she had experienced with being correctly diagnosed.

Today, we’ll hear about what it was like once she was told she had ME.

Joan told Ed Oldham that as there is currently no cure, it very much a case of trying to manage the condition:

Intro to Dr Shepherd Interview 2015 09

A lack of treatment options for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers is costing the economy up to three million pounds per year.

That’s the view of an eminent medicial expert, who has visited the Island recently to talk to sufferers and ministers about the condition.

Dr. Charles Shepherd is the medical advisor to the British M.E. Association.

He says that misdiagnosis, and a lack of effective on-Island support, makes it an unncecessarily expensive problem.

It’s also making life much more difficult for Manx people living with M.E.

Following a well-attended talk in Onchan last week, Dr. Shepherd met with officials from the Health and Treasury departments.

He advised that a more efficient treatment system could cut costs by a significant amount.

Speaking to Alex Bell, Dr. Shepherd joined Celia Marshall of the M.E. Isle of Man Support Group to discuss the implications of a relatively under-reported illness:

BACK ANNO: Anyone wishing to find out more about M.E. Support can email

Dr Helen Greig, ME GP Champion Manx radio interview

Dr Helen Greig, our GP Champion, was interviewed on Manx Radio on 10th of September. The text of the introduction is below, and an audio file of her interview is attached.

A visit to the Isle of Man next week by a UK expert in ME – or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – could prove a landmark event.

It’s thought around 350 local residents have the condition – but many suffer in silence.

Lack of an on-Island specialist and sometimes poor understanding about the condition among GPs, have been largely to blame.

Next Wednesday (16 September) Dr Charles Shepherd, adviser to the UK ME Association, will give a public presentation – for those with the condition and their families.

Earlier this year, Dr Helen Greig from the Promenade Medical Centre in Douglas was appointed ‘GP Champion’ for the Island.

Her first job was to assess the current service. So what did she discover:

Pot point: 3′ 13″ Out: do more for them

BACK: Dr Helen Greig

And Dr Shepherd’s talk is in Wednesday, September 16 at
Onchan Methodist Church on Main Road in Onchan.

We’ll hear more from Dr Shepherd himself in the programme next week.